Friday, August 23, 2013

Simple Matters

First, let me apologize for missing posts. I had some technical difficulties. By that I mean, I can see the cell phone tower but it can't see my phone so I have no service. One of the many joys of technology and small towns.

We are going to skip the back to school post and the health care vs sick care one will be pushed back to next week.

I am a recovering packrat. Some may argue with that because,  well, there is still a tons of junk around my house! But I recovering, not recovered. It's a process.

It's a process that started with conviction for me. I spent so much time dealing with stuff, figuring out a stuff management system, working to pay for stuff and the list goes on.

It hit me. I had so much stuff to deal with that I wasn't spending nearly as much time with the Lord as I should have or wanted.

I'm not just talking about physical possessions. Hobbies, activities and even some good deeds can all be stuff.

I believe that the Christian life should be one lived of simplicity. The less stuff you're managing for yourself, the more you can do for Him.

I've been working toward simplicity.for a long time. Yet I'm still surrounded by stuff (mostly just physical stuff at this point) that can be cleared away to make more time for the Lord. Time to spend with Him and time to be His hands and feet to the world.

I'm going to keep purging that which is unrighteous and unneccessary from my life to make more room for what matters in eternity.

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