Saturday, August 3, 2013

God's Voice

God talks to us. A lot.

Like most children, we listen to half when we're doing REALLY well.

I think part of that is that God's voice doesn't always sound how we expect.

It's not all thunder and lightening, burning bushes and heavenly light.

God speaks to us where we are. If you're at church, He'll use a sermon. If you're on Facebook, He'll use a post.

If you're watching a movie, maybe he'll use a preview. Or just one line from that preview you've seen at least 500 times.

"If your attitude stinks, it means your hearts not right." ~ Alex Kendrick in Facing Giants

Pretty simple idea. But it hit me hard.

Only one person in this house has an unstinky attitude. Finnegan. He's fed, clothed, sheltered and loved. He's content. There's at lot of world he can't have, and boy does he know it! But when those explorations are cut short by mama's watchful eye, he finds contentment in what he has (or goes to find other trouble)

The 6 oldest people in this house have a lot to learn from him! And even as I'm learning, I have to teach it.

I have to model this concept of contentment (which thanks to the lack of patience God gave me in certain areas, is very very hard.) I have to model it even if I'm faking it for now. I need to practice it.

Much like thankfulness, contentment is something that when practiced really creeps into your heart. I know because I'm 900 times more content than a year ago, and for the most part all that's changed is the date.

I pray that by showing contentment to my children and helping them learn this skill, that I can watch their hearts change as their attitudes do.

I would also appreciate your prayers for me to find patience where I struggle to hold on to it.

What area of your heart can I pray for you about?

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