Friday, August 16, 2013

Project Repurpose

This is actually proving to be hard for me to write. Not because I don't repurpose things, but because I have done these things so long that they seem normal to me now.

A lot of money and resources can be saved but repurposing things when they not longer are useful as they are now.

Here is just a small list of ideas I use...

Jeans become long denim skirts. I started with a tutorial similar to this one. The one I started with not longer exsists in cyber land as best as I can tell. Only difference is that I do the front and back the same (how they say to do the back) but I also prefer a roomier skirt to chase munchkins and wrangle goats in. Also, if you save the top of the second pair of jeans you can sew some cute gathered fabric around the bottom hem to create a drop waist skirt!

Candles. I love candles. I reuse the jars they come in for need candles. I use the left over wax in the bottom and add crisco (and sometimes bacon grease if we have a lot) melt it together, add a home made wick, fill jar and *ta da* cheap, long burning candles!

Plastic berry containers are not only awesome for when you pick berries, they make organizing craft items, puzzles, small toy set and even snack lunches super easy!

Yogurt cups all depend on the shape of the cup. The kids love using our Trader Joe's ones for small drinking cups. Most get a few holes drilled in the bottom and become flower start containers.

If you can crochet plastic shopping bags can be converted into reuseable shopping bags. It does not knit well in my experiance.

I love turning baby food jars into button jars with pin cushion lids. I'm going to use up most of the ones I have left to make a tree shaped advent calander.

Stray socks make great bean bags or (my favorite) sock dolls. One large sock for the body, smaller socks for the arms and legs. I add scrap yarn for very interesting hair and to draw attention away from the fact that they don't really have a head.

Coffee cans and milk jugs can be used to organize crayons and pencils or to grow plants.

Maple syrup bottles make a great way to make and share your own vanilla and other extracts.

Larger plastic containers like yogurt quarts, licorice bins, large spinach and kale tubs all make a good way to drop goodies off with a friend, need mom or anyone really. Add some cute festive ribbon to make it pretty and don't worry about getting your dish back!

Smaller plastic tubs like butter and sour cream come in are perfect for storing left overs and even better for sharing leftovers!

I really try to repurpose things until all the life has been sucked out of them. One, because (in case you were not aware) I am living below the poverty line with 6 kids in tow, it takes creativity to not feel as poor as we are (I'm okay with that, God gave me lots of creativity.) Second, I want to be kind to the planet and teach my kids to be. Third, I view it as a matter of good stewardship to make the most of what you have not matter what it is.

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