Saturday, August 10, 2013

God took the challenge

I have had a less than fabulous week. The last two days have been stress filled and overwhelming.

House projects. Kids behavior. Things that need delt with before winter. My behavior. Finances.

It all hit one after another this week, nothing let up. Like waves constantly pounding at a cliff, it wore me down. Slowly, effectively. Until I cracked.

I cried. I yelled at God. I cried more.

Then I said, "Lord, I know this is all part of some plan I don't understand, and quite frankly, I'm not all that fond of. But I can not handle one more thing."

Now, God wants to hear us. He wants us to talk to him from the heart. He does!

He doesn't want us to talk to him like we are smarter than him, much like when our own children try tell us they can't do something we know they can.

Like mom's do on occassion, God took my words as a challenge.

Ran to the store for fruit and milk. The kids were crazy.

Driving home. The speedometer isn't moving.

Get home. The ceramic soap dispenser in the bathroom (that I just filled!!!!!) is broken in the sink.

I handled each one. I did not crack as I predicted. It hit me as I was thinking about the speedometer that God was showing me that I could handle more than I thought. I had to lean on Him more than ever, it was hard. But I could do it.

I know my posts have been sort of deep and emotionally driven lately. I promise Monday I will share a functional post.

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