Tuesday, August 13, 2013

GF banana bread, grocery update

This weeks meal plan goes from Monday to Saturday morning. After that it will just be Finn and I (maybe Emmi) for a week, we will mostly be eating leftovers, fruits and veggies and whatever is here and probably needs to be eaten up.

B : GF banana bread
L : leftovers and fruit
D : curry and rice w/ mixed veggies

B : pancakes
L : picinic with nana
D : pb&j (we got home late and everyone was tired)

B : eggs
L : noodles and salad
D : yams, ranch chicken and mix veggies

B : oatmeal
L : fruit and yogurt
D : oven fried potatoes, veggies and rolls

B : GF pumpkin bread
L : tuna sandwhiches
D : baked beans, mashed potatoes and veggies

B : pancakes

In a run to the store, I spent about $70 leaving me with $60 for the month, should not be hard since most the kids will be gone for a week.

The GF banana bread recipe I used can be found here. I recommend cooking slightly longer than it says. It had great flavor but was mushy and somewhat raw in the center even after passing the toothpick test.

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