Monday, August 12, 2013

About those goals for 2013

We are now 2/3 of the way through this year... and this is always when it hits me, back in January I made goals, and I haven't really put much effort into them.

Time to buckle down! Here's where I'm at and what I plan to do about it.

Read 4 books I finished Purpose Driven Life, almost halfway through Crazy Love and almost into the New Testiment for the bible. I have yet to even crack the cover on Sticky Faith though.

Lose weight well, I lost some. Gained some back. And really this goal annoys me at this point. It can kiss my larger than it should be booty, I don't care.

Stop smoking i did it!

Serve in a church ministry slow starting, think I'm one meeting with pastor away from snuggling babies in the nursery.

Simplify and organize I purged a lot of junk when we moved here, most areas are organized. I need to purge a bit more and get my room and the laundry room organized.

Buy a 15 passenger van my sweet little bus is holding down the gravel in the driveway. Munchkins want me to paint it yellow, I say blue or red.

Move check check check!!!! No more scary apartment... I used to think "they can't be as bad as everyone says." I was right, they are far worse than their reputation!

Get off TANF I'm still $600 of consistant income away. At the best I was $200 a month away. Unless God works some miracles, this goal may carry over to next year :(

Make better use of my time this is sort of on going, like forever but this year was the jump start. I've been getting up early (5:30 hello, I an not a morning person!) And I've been trying to not be on my phone as much, sometimes i do well, other times I'm an abismal failure.

Get divorced not happening. One, it costs a lot of money and I just don't have it. Two, I still can't tell myself I think it is 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt the right choice.

Not too shabby, but I should be so much further.

Join me the rest of this week for...

Tuesday... meal plan, food budget and recipes!

Wednesday... the great laundry room organization!

Thursday... my family binder, revealed!

Friday... craft time! Repurposing things to save some cash!

Saturday... garden plans for fall and winter.

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