Friday, August 2, 2013

Groceries, big news and blogs

Today was grocery day.

It was also the first big gluten free shopping trip.

The kids were not on best behavior.

I was not well rested.

But it's done, I didn't even spend $250 and I got a Trader Joe Truffle Bar. Here's to hoping the remaining $150 in the food budget covers out produce for the month.

The big news of the day...

I signed papers today and my house is officially mine! I now have a deep desire to paint every room, but more practical things need tackled.

Like feeding animals, tending garden, washing dishes and mending my quilt.

Reading my newest blog obsession while mending is making things move along nicely. If you have a chance to head over to Nourishing Days and give it a read, I recommend it. They are doing what I wish I was and she states it so much better than I ever have. Maybe one day I'll reach that point, but for now this is where God has planted me. This is where I intend to bloom.

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