Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Heart of a child

Parenting is hard. No shock.

You spend most your day directing, correcting, teaching, redirecting, disciplining and discovering some strange messes you need to deal with.

With multiple small children in the home this can wear on you because its multiplied, amplified and constant.

Every once in awhile you get that moment. It reminds you, even at your weariest, why you keep pressing on. It shows you that the light at the end of the tunnel may not be a train afterall. It reveals that, yes, they are getting it. Most importantly it shows you their heart.

They're not often, but they're worth waiting for. Today I was rewarded with one.

Dakota will be 4 later this month. Most kids his age (and him on more days that not) are an odd combination of selfish and loving, messy and meticulous, mean and sweet. They're not really thinking about the world beyond themselves and their families.

Today my boy asked, with great excitement, if we could take food to the food bank. He picked things out and wanted to know why we couldn't get more. He explained to everyone where the food was going and why. He delighted that his aunts joined us on the endeavor. He owned this choice to do good.

He showed me that he does understand (or is at least starting to) that while we don't have much, we have more than many. He showed me that the selfish, angry,impulsive and short sighted preschool years start fading just as quickly as they begin. He showed me true delight in serving others. He showed me a heart that wants to help. He showed me that my persistence is paying off and maybe I'm not screwing up the motherhood deal 100% of the time.

I love these days. I long for them. I need them, they recharge my heart.

These are the days that carry me through the long, weary days ahead.

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