Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Laundry room organization

I spend way too much time in this room. It serves many purposes in my home... laundry space, family closet, home of second fridge and most of ours storage.

I have to make the most of every area. it's still a work in progress, but it's getting there. Some things I'm doing now are...

We installed a clothes bar under a set of cabinets to hang all the kids clothes from.

Broom, vacuum, mop, dust pan and a folding chair are all behind the door.

The cabinets above the clothes hold school supplies, plastic containers to be reused, blessing bags and arts & craft supplies. The school and craft things are organized into bins, the rest is a disaster.

My grandma bought me a set of plastic shelving. It added some great storage, but I need to get some bins and better organize what's there. I did manage to purge a paper sack worth of things from this shelf today!

On top of the boys dresser is where I keep all the laundry stuff (detergent, bleach, sock bin) it's directly infront of the washer and dryer, so it works.

Under the boys dresser is where I keep empty feed bags which are repurposed later as temporary rain proofing (certain bags), trash bags, manure bags, fire fule or whatever other use I come you with.

Out of season clothes are in totes on top of the second fridge.

Empty toilet paper tubes are kept in a repurposed plastic bin on top of the dryer to be stuffed with dryer lint to make fire starters (anyone notice yet that I repurpose things until they can't be repurposed any more?)

Laundry baskets are stored between the washer and dryer. Ironing board is between the dryer and the wall.

The girls dresser is next to the washer and the door into the kitchen. The top of it holds many repurposed glass jars that hold twist ties, plastic bread ties, strings, paper clips, you name it! All saved and reused down the line as needed.

Things I need to do:

Blessing bags need a tote and to go back to the van.

My new to me cabinets need hung above the washer and dryer after the old ones come down.

Build the laundry basket holder for between the washer and dryer.

Find some more large plastic containers to group smaller things on the plastic shelves.

Organize and clean out tool bag.

I also really need to figure out this posting photos from my phone thing!

This is one room that is used to death and still manages to have more to give. I hope my life is lived that same way for His glory.

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