Thursday, August 15, 2013

My family binder

Our family binder helps hinder chaos. It evolves with us to help manage any area that may get away from me.

Each binder will be different because every family is different. I hope that but sharing mine, it will inspire ideas for your own.

I repurposed my mom's coupon binder when she gave it up. It zips so nothing is going to fall out.

(I'll be adding pictures when I have access to a computer. Sorry.)

I use one of the zipper pockets inside for pens and a calculator.
The other holds coupons, which I may or may not remember to use. The large pocket behind them holds medical release forms to live with baby sitters.

I always keep a small stack of blank paper at the front. Behind that are the following sections:

Food our meal plan, grocery list and price book. I'd like to add some of my core recipes here.

Farm records for each animal (DOB, any medical history, family tree, ect), garden plans and notes on how things grew in different garden beds, plans and ideas for expansion, breeding schedule, wait list for rabbits and butchers info. I also keep a small amount of tracking information on all animals sold.

Bible reading plan and memory verse checklist. I've also added a list of devotionals and bible studies I'd like to go through eventually.

Time calander, daily/weekly to do list (which is written out and placed in a page protector, I can check things of with a dry erase marker and reuse the same page every week!)

Money banking information, budget and savings goals.

Phone all addresses and phone numbers I have... well, that's the goal but in reality, I haven't gotten them all written down yet.

People list of birthdays and anniversaries, quick fact sheets about each person for medical emergencies (sheets are used as dividers for each person) any information pertaining to a specific person (my reading list, Alex's tball information, specialists information along with when and why they were seen.)

I should probably add a section for auto and home stuff, but I haven't updated it in quite some time.  Maybe that will be on my list for next week when I only have 3 munchkins home.

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