Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Just Listen

Sometimes we need to sit back, put our worldly concerns on hold and just listen to the voice of the Lord...
Listening is hard.
Listening and acting on what we hear is harder.
Listening and not acting, will end up the hardest of them all.
I'm a far cry from good at listening to the Lord 24/7.
I still listen to my fears more then my Father.
I pray daily for Him to keep talking to me, keep urging me... even when I'm not listening.
Sometimes He'll direct our life in a new way or further us on the path we're on.
Sometimes He'll urge us to bless another family, occasionally in ways we never would have thought of.
Sometimes He'll place in our heart a need to reach out to someone emotionally or spiritually.
We may feel unqualified to fulfill the opening to be His hands and feet that He is presenting to us.
But He never asks us to be qualified!
He will give us all we need in resources, strength, wisdom and courage to follow what He lays on our heart!
When that little voice in your head pipes up and says to do something, take a deep breath, pray and starting acting on those words. Those are the words of the Lord speaking to your heart!
Grocery challenge update: My last grocery trip came to $87.09, leaving me with $120.76!
Homestead updates: Miss Penny had our third litter of kits, 7 strong healthy babies! And Duchess is due tonight but hasn't pulled fur, so might be another day.
I bought out a local breeder and sold off most of the breeding stock I wasn't interested in keeping.
I've almost finished the goat pen and have found a couple farmers who will stud out their goats when I'm ready to breed the girls in July.
The hens are giving us about 6 eggs a day! We didn't buy any eggs this month, sold a few and gave some to friend after she saved 2 baby bunnies who escaped their cage!
The front garden bed is completely planted and once the goats are penned I'll need to put in a bed in the back because I am not done planting!

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