Sunday, April 14, 2013

No Laughing Matter

I think most people like a good joke.
Some of us even appreciate dorky, corny jokes.
Sadly, a lot of people laugh at tasteless jokes putting down another group of people.
A lot of us would agree that this is wrong.
A few will stand up for religions, races, cultures, the elderly, women and blonds who become the punchline.
Many would say that they would never do this.
I want you to stop for a moment and think.
There is a group that secular society, and sadly even portions of the church, have deemed it culturally acceptable to put down for the sake of humor.
Social media, movies, television and even basic human interactions are peppered, sometimes heavily, with "jokes" putting men down, comments made to be humorous at the expense of cutting down an entire gender.
This pains me.
Ladies, we need to be lifting up our men. Weather they are husbands, sons, brothers, uncles or friends. These men are to guide their families. They are made to be leaders.

If you wouldn't want it said to or about your son, don't say it to or about someone else.

How can we expect them to be effective and confident leaders if we cut them down for the sake of a laugh?
If a person is put down for something repeatedly, even the most confident person can start to crack.
Once that crack is there, it's there. You can slap a band aid on it or try to glue it, but it will never be the same. It will never be quite as strong, powerful or beautiful.
As mothers, wives, sisters and friends we need to lift up the men around us. Show them respect, trust their advice.
I challenge each of you to take this a step further.
Next time a friend makes a joke at her husbands expense, don't laugh.
When the cashier makes a comment about how you must deserve an award for raising "all those boys", tell her how amazing they are.
Someone makes a negative remark to you about a man you know, counter it with a great quality he posses.
I know this is something I am always working on. It's certainly something I could have done better in my marriage.
Ladies, I pray each one of us refrains from even laughing at a poorly made joke. I pray we efficiently fill the role of helping the men in our lives and lifting them up.

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