Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"But" is dangerous word

I like reading blogs. That's part of why I started my own blog.
I love learning from those who have been there and done that.
I love another way to share the gospel.
I love the variety of voices that are found.
I don't love how hard it can be to find blogs written by those with a heart for the Lord. I mean truly, deeply given their life to the Lord.
But it's not just blogs where this is a problem. It's everywhere. Books, movies, people.
How many times have people said...
"I know I should do more for my church but....."
"Sometimes I feel the Lord calling me to (insert whatever it may be) but...."
"The Bible says (insert one of many topics here!) but..."
Each time that little "but" is added people are justifying why they are not following the Lord whole heartedly.
It's a little word. It's a dangerous word.
What we're really saying is "but I know better than God."
If you're not following God's word, you think you know better.
If you're not listening to what the Lord lays on your hear, you think you know better.
None of us knows better than the Lord. We're all at different points in our walk with the Lord and that's great. We're all learning. Learning together, learning from one another, learning individually.
The problem is when we KNOW something is against the Lord's will and we try to justify it!
We need to pray hard that the Lord will soften our hearts to His will. We need to do this daily.
But we also need to listen.
No amount of prayer is going to help if you don't listen.
It's like asking the same question 900 times.
If you don't listen to the answer, the question gets you no where!
Sometimes God asks us to take steps of faith.
Sometimes God asks us to take leaps of faith.
Either way, we need to listen, learn and live God's will for our lives.
It's not always easy, sometimes it's down right terrifying!
But we have a God who wants to see us prosper and profit!
What steps and leaps has the Lord placed on your heart that you are struggling with?

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