Monday, April 8, 2013

Endless veggies!

When trying to stick to a grocery budget, produce can be hard to fit in.
If your family consumes anything close to what we do, produce can break the bank!
Produce is also one area I refuse to cut back on buying to save a dollar or even a penny.
I love seeing my kids choosing apples and broccoli over other options.
But those healthy eating habits come with a price tag!
One I am working to make smaller!
First of all, watch prices at places you regularly shop.
Of the 3 places I regularly shop I've noticed one place has mandarin oranges at half the cost of the others. Another always has the lowest price on yams. The third wins for broccoli and strawberries every time. By keeping track of what places are charging, I can plan ahead and not pay more than I need to for what we need.
Second, skip the pre-packaged, pre-sliced stuff. It's over priced, not as fresh and usually doesn't taste the best. It's worth a little time to slice your own to save some $$$. Plus if you include one of the kids you can get in some wonderful time talking to them while they help divide and bag fruit you slice!
By far the best way to save money on produce is to grow your own. Not only is it more affordable, but it tastes SO much better. Even in a small apartment you can grow at least some of the food you eat!
Hanging pots are great for strawberries, peas, pole beans, baby spinach, herbs and cherry tomato vines.
Window sills can be great places to grow things that grow up (not out) like herbs, romaine lettuce and celery.
Quite a few foods can regrow from the scraps you'd normally compost or *gasp* throw away!
I have a baby food jar in my kitchen window that is on it's third time growing the same green onions! Just place slice the greens off to use and place the white bulb into water. Then regrow rather quickly!
Celery and romaine lettuce will regrow too! I slice through the bunch about 2" from the bottom. I have a plastic tray that I set them in with about an inch of water. Once they take root, I will be transplanting them to a container. Just trim off what you need from the outer layers and they keep growing back!
It's a pintrest win! Green onions can regrow in just water :)
Onions can be regrown in the same fashion!
Even foods that won't regrow can multiply! Potatoes and garlic that have sprouted can easily be planted instead of thrown out.
Make sure you store your homegrown goods properly to avoid spoilage! Seeing your hard work go to waste is very frustrating!

I spent another $37.60 at the grocery store, leaving me with $207.85 for them month!

We welcomed 11 new rabbits today. I bought 4 new does, three are New Zealand whites and the fourth is a New Zealand, Californian and Flemish mix. The other 7 additions are Sally's thriving kits! She didn't lose one!
Tomorrow there will be a few more rabbit additions.
This week we also welcomed Trixie and Pepper Rose. They are Nigerian dwarf goats. They are a wonderful addition to the homestead!

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