Friday, May 10, 2013

Lifting Each Other Up

Lifting each other up is important.
Without each other it is easy to crumble and give in to our sin nature.
The idea of lifting up another in righteousness can be an overwhelming thought.
But it doesn't have to be something huge!
As a single mother who doesn't always have a lot of time to talk and get to know other members of the church since I have 3-4 stops before/after service to drop off/collect children. I spend more time trying to get them all collected than I spend talking to anyone most of the time.
It's easy when we get sick to feel as though the only people who will notice we're gone are the ladies in the nursery. The longer we're sick, the worse that feeling gets. The more discouraging it is.
We were just sick for almost 3 weeks.
Every visit and phone call and facebook comment I received was important.
They mattered.
They reminded me that I matter.
The smiles and "welcome back" comments mattered!
Lifting each other up can be the simple act of telling someone you missed them at service on Sunday.
A text asking if they're feeling better.
 A call to say you were thinking of them.
A casserole just because you can.
Any act of kindness will lift someone up!
Do one nice thing everyday and it will not only change your outlook but the world around you.

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