Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Too Real

I love blogs.

I follow many for many reasons.

A recent post from one has hit my heart... in a convicting way.

I have come to a place of being overly "real" and "comfortable" with the level of mess in my house.

Is my house going to be perfection? Not a chance!

I'm human.

I have 6 kids and over 60 animals.

I work.

I homeschool.

And, honestly, housekeeping doesn't come naturally to me.

Most of that is obvious (maybe not the last one, I'm not sure.) I don't think anyone walks into my home expecting it to look like a page from Pottery Barn. If they do, they don't know me well!

But! I have entered a place in my heart where the grace people afford me for all the hindrances to housekeeping perfection have been taken advantage of.

Could I have a cleaner home? A more organized home? A home that didn't make me panic when company says they're coming in an hour?

Yes. I know this because I log an ungodly number of hours on Facebook and Pinterest and playing games on my phone (the games are a habit I've ended by deleting them.)

Those things do not bring glory to the Lord. The way I've kept stewardship of my home lately certainly isn't glorifying the Lord. And this is not okay!

Facebook, Pinterest and games aren't wrong or evil on their own. It's where our hearts place them that can create the problem.

As a result I'm going to be cleaning, purging and organizing a great deal in the coming weeks and its going to feel far more amazing than any game of candy crush ever would.

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