Saturday, January 25, 2014

Goals: January Summary

I didn't do too bad for January, but there is definitely room for improvement!

1. Read the bible and 4 other books
I'm on track with my bible reading plan and began a devotional book given to me by a friend before she moved.

2. Take a meal to one family/person a week
Successfully delivered meals 3 out of 4 weeks.

3. Get off TANF
I secured another part time babysitting job. Combined with everything else, I actually exceeded my income goal for this month!

4. Grow or produce most of our food: grocery goal budget is $200 or less
I planned the garden and checked out what seeds I have and what I need.
The grand totally for groceries this month was $480, a lot more than the $200 goal!

5. Get involved in another ministry at church
No progress at this point. I have told people I want to be more involved but I haven't actively pursued anything yet.

6. Work on house: paint interior, replace carpet, upgrade some insulation
Painted the bathroom, found paint for all the bedrooms and the accent wall in the living room.

7. Build up stock for craft fairs: completely 10 projects a month, not including orders
Only managed 7.5 projects.

8. Eat better: more organic, no soy, mostly GF, less sugar
All new food brought in was organic, but beyond that not much improvement.

9. Stop smoking
I cut back and actually had 4 non-smoking days this month! Lots of room for improvement, but it's a start.

10. Expand animals and their housing: add 1 goat, 3 ducklings, 3 chickens, 13 rabbits, 2 goat pens, custom rabbit cages
Completed 1 goat pen and worked on cages. I have 5 rabbits I'll be keeping from litters that just weaned.

I still have a long way to go but that's not a bad start!

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