Sunday, January 12, 2014


There are some moments as a mom that you know they're coming.

You know they're going to be bad.

You know they're normal too.

I got one of those tonight.

Sunday nights 5 of my 6 munchkins go to "big church" with me. They sing the songs they know and fake the ones they don't. Rather joyfully shake the hands of most any member of our church family. Excitedly drop their coins in the offering plate when we have any. They sit in the pew beside me with their note pads and "take notes" like mama.


Except not tonight.

It was Emmi's second Sunday night in "big church" and she hadn't napped. The new had worn off for her and she feared holding still or else she'd fall asleep!

By the time pastor was starting his sermon, I knew.

I collected up kids and coats and crayons and took them to the foyer.

A year ago, I would have been embaressed beyond belief!

Now I realize something. I have no reason to be embaressed.

Kids have good and bad days.

Kids learn by doing and testing.

Moms aren't prefect.

Everybody doesn't always get the nap they need.

But mostly, everyone in that room would rather see me walk my kids to the foyer than know I didn't come. Because they care about us and they love the Lord.

And anyone who would rather I had kept them home and skipped service, I pray for you. I hope you search your heart. Those children you view as a problem in the next pew are the future generation of the church! Don't scowl at the tired mother, smile at her. She feels defeated enough.

Better yet, after service, give that mama a hug and remind her she's going good. It will make a world of difference for her!

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