Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Goals for a New Year!

Every year for the last 4 years I have set 10 goals for the new year.

I have never reached all 10 goals. I've always achieved 6-8 of them and made progress on the rest.

This year I've aimed higher than ever, yet I also have this overwhelming sense that I am going to reach each and every goal this year.

Maybe it's because I set clearer goals. Maybe it's because I have set mini monthly goals to get me there. Maybe it's because I got rid of the goal to shed 20 pounds (clearly that 20 pounds likes were it's at and I don't dislike it enough to really do anything about it.) Maybe it's because none of the goals are "the big one" (i.e. moving, give birth, husband come home alive.) Maybe it's that I've reached out and several wonderful friends have offered to be my accountability people, it's not just me.

Maybe it's a little bit of all of it.

This year feels different. The goals are more challenging and bigger than ever, but I feel certain that each goal will be met!

For those who wish to follow along on my journey to accomplish these goals, the list is at the end of the post and I'm going to update at least once a month on my progress every month.

Here they are...

1. Read the bible and 4 other books (I did the bible and 3 books last year)
2. Take a meal to one family/person a week (was a monthly thing last year)
3. Get off TANF (last year I got off WIC and increased my income)
4. Grow or produce most of our food: grocery goal budget is $200 or less (last years budget goal was to pay off the van)
5. Get involved in another ministry at church (last years goal was the same, but I'd like to be more involved than just subing in the nursery)
6. Work on house: paint interior, replace carpet, upgrade some insulation (last years housing goal was to move out of the scary apartments!)
7. Build up stock for craft fairs: completely 10 projects a month, not including orders (last years was to complete a project every month)
8. Eat better: more organic, no soy, mostly GF, less sugar (I had no food goals for 2013, just weight goals)
9. Stop smoking... yes, I know... (repeat goal)
10. Expand animals and their housing: add 1 goat, 3 ducklings, 3 chickens, 13 rabbits, 2 goat pens, custom rabbit cages (no animal related goals in 2013)

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