Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sidetracked? Me?

Maybe you've noticed something while following my blog, if not you'll notice soon enough.

I start projects with gusto.

I have huge plans.

I have... Ummm... Trouble with follow through and upkeep.

In every area of my life.

My house has to change. I know that. I've always known that.

I'm a far cry from where I was 9 years ago with just one baby. My apartment was disgusting.

Now my home is mostly clean but cluttered about half the time. Truly clean (in at least one room!) a quarter of the time. The other quarter is spread along the spectrum of "maybe we should pick some stuff up" and "call in hazmat before I burn this place down and start over "

That's the hard truth.

I want a clean house. I enjoy a clean house. I try to have a clean house.

But it doesn't come naturally to me. It takes major effort and I'm so disorganized I can rarely keep it up.

But I've finished the first book on my list this year "Sidetracked Home Executives" and you know what, I am just like these ladies.

I set things down on bookshelves and dressers, but never make it back to put them away.

I start a project but then I need tape. Tape is in the junk drawer... As I'm cleaning the junk drawer to find the tape, I remember I left the tape in my closet with the wrapping paper.

And a million other examples. I spend an entire day doing stuff with nothing to show for it. Nothing got done, but everything got started.

In the book is outline the system the authors used to reform their sidetracked habits.

I like it, in theory. But I can't find my 3x5 notecards (surprise!) and the entire project is overwhelming me.

Instead I plan to choose one chore or task a month that I struggle with and focus on it. Each month I'll build on the positive habits I've already established.

I have a decent laundry routine mostly.

I wash and hang a load in the morning when I get up and again after dinner. Before I hang more, I take down and have the kids put away what's dry.

Occasionally, I'll do 3 loads if the space is available to hang it.

The one area of laundry I don't manage well is ironing. I've put it off so long at this point it scares me.

Today I will tackle the ironing pile and make Saturday my new day to iron.

And it will be so good to wear my favorite dress again!

Next month I plan to tackle the dishes. Not just the washing, but the organizing!

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