Thursday, January 1, 2015

New year, new goals

In 2010 one of my friends challenged everyone to make 10 goals for 2010.

It was the first year I called them goals, not resolutions.

It changed my thinking about them.

Goals are concrete, achievable things.

Resolutions are something I make and forget before February.

Every year I have continued to make 10 goals for the year. Never have I achieved them all. I have a 60% success rate usually, but always make progress toward achieving all of them.

Without further ado, here are my goals for 2015!

I make 10 goals each year. This years goals are:

1. Read: Bible, God isn't in a hurry, sticky faith, crazy love, Lord where are you, secrets of the bible, basics of biblical parenting, living on God's economy, don't waste your life and sidetracked home executives

2. Work on house: my room (floors and paint), build canning pantry shelving, update electrical

3. Work on yard: cut down trees by road, fence front yard, put in 3 raised garden beds, 3 apple trees and 2 blueberry plants

4. Plan, license and open my new business venture

5.Earn at least $15,000 (I have several small goals set to help achieve this one!)

6. Animals: grow at least 1/2 of feed for year, fence off new chicken/duck pen, add rabbits back in

7. Build up a 1 year stockpile of coconut oil, nuts, rice, beans, flours and applesauce

8. Find a new church

9. Get rid of our TV and set more concrete standards for other media influences

10. Stop smoking (look at that, a repeat goal from last year!)

Some of these will be easy for me to accomplish rather quickly. Others will take time and effort and be rather challenging for me. I plan it that way.

The easy ones have a place in the grander scheme of my life plan, but they also are a good boost to help keep me going. The quick progress and success gives great satisfaction and motivation while I continue to press forward on the more challenging goals.

What goals are you making this year?

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