Sunday, May 25, 2014

Weekly Goals ~ May 26

Well, not the most impressive week.
But when you toss in that we had the stomach flu for half the week, I think I kicked butt!

Here's how the week played out...

~Earn $250 this week (only made $85... I had to cancel 2 jobs the days I was sick)
~Evaluate budget to account for job loss... doesn't look too bad, not good or easy but nothing to panic about

~Sell 2 drakes... a few people were interested, but no takers
~Find a new source of free feed... found!

~A "buy nothing" week... I spent $5 on bananas while we were sick, we were all on the B.R.A.T diet
~Start many seeds... started as many as I'll be doing until that rabbit is gone!
~Start potato tower... didn't happen.

~1 item from mending/alteration basket each day... success!
~baby shower gift... is almost done.
~20 rows on Afghan... 25 actually

~Bible 2 Chronicals 32- Nehemiah 6... I made it to Ezra
~Clean House chapters 3-5... done
~Sheparding a Child's Heart Chapters 4&5... done

~Post at least 3 flyers... printed but not posted
~List at least 2 ready made items online daily... I managed 2 post most days, but at least one each day

~Catch up grading and filing... about 50% caught up
~Help oldest 2 through work... their back on track
~Organize school corner... it's so pretty!!

~Secure fence line so ducks can free range... check
~Clean up green house... did I mention the stomach flu?! Yeah, didn't happen
~Price water barrels... check and no
~paint laundry room... check, even painted the storage room

Additional accomplishments
~turned off pilot light for furnace
~found $5 shoes for me for church
~cleaned and organized most of my room (the sewing table isn't done, but that's a full day project)

It bothers me that in each category there is at least one task I didn't accomplish. This week I'm aiming just as high, but I want to see at least one category complete... hopefully, they'll all be completed!

For this week....

~Earn $300 this week

~Sell 2 drakes
~Post buck for sale
~Check with 2 businesses about waste produce

~$20 budget
~Continue to try to catch wild rabbit
~Start potato tower

~1 item from mending/alteration basket each day (yeah, it's a full basket!)
~finish baby shower gift
~20 rows on Afghan

~Bible Ezra 1- Job 4
~Clean House chapters 6-8
~Sheparding a Child's Heart Chapters 6&7

~Post at least 3 flyers
~One Facebook post per day
~Set up Etsy shop
~Make 10 business cards
~Make 15 ribbon tags

~Catch up grading and filing
~Refill Chey and Dakota's baskets

~Clean up green house
~Paint and install screen door

Here goes Nothing!

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