Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekly goals ~ May 20th

In an effort to help me stay on track with how many things I have going on and to shed some light onto some of the behind the scenes work that keeps my household running, I've decided to set weekly goals and post them each Monday.

These goals will cover many areas of life, but all are central to the flow of our lives.

At the end of the week, I'll post some of my accomplishments.

~Earn $250 this week
~Evaluate budget to account for job loss

~Sell 2 drakes
~Find a new source of free feed

~A "buy nothing" week
~Start many seeds
~Start potato tower

~1 item from mending/alteration basket each day
~baby shower gift
~20 rows on Afghan

~Bible 2 Chronicals 32- Nehemiah 6
~Clean House chapters 3-5
~Sheparding a Child's Heart Chapters 4&5

~Post at least 3 flyers
~List at least 2 ready made items online daily

~Catch up grading and filing
~Help oldest 2 through work
~Organize school corner

~Secure fence line so ducks can free range
~Clean up green house
~Price water barrels
~paint laundry room

Each of these tasks helps move my family toward our ultimate goals.

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