Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Meal Plan for May 19-24

Meal planning is an important aspect of not only staying on budget but staying sane around here.

I plan our meals for the week on Sunday night. I only plan Monday-Saturday. Sunday we have cereal for breakfast, leftovers for lunch and dinner at grandma's.... so no planning required.

This week's meal plan looks like this:

B: pumpkin cake with fruit
L: PB&J with cucumbers
D: leftovers

B: cereal
L: GF burritos and pizza rolls (my mom dropped them off for the kids as a treat)
D: curry and rice with mixed veggies
B: loaded scrambled eggs (What they're loaded with depends on what needs used up)
L: mashed potatoes with gravy
D: taco rice and left overs

B: pumpkin cake (we have tons of pumpkin and this recipe is a hit!)
L: PB&J with applesauce
D: fried potatoes, veggies and soup

B: oatmeal with fruit
L: tuna, crackers, pickles, granola, dried fruit (what my kids call a picnic lunch)
D: salad and leftovers

B: loaded scrambled eggs
L: fried potatoes, fruits and veggies
D: chicken and rice with gravy and veggies

For snacks we have fruits, veggies, some snack bars I got for $0.95 a box, nuts and pretzels.

Next week will hopefully be another no buy week, but I foresee milk and some veggies on the list.

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