Friday, May 30, 2014


Homeschooling, church, homesteading, running a business, keeping house, errands, appointments, odd jobs, family time, extra projects and maintaining relationships with those we care for....

That's a lot. That's our life.

How do I fit it all in each day? 

Simple. I don't.

I've accepted that no day will ever be complete. But I can keep moving in the right direction. I can make progress, but completion is for when I've gone home to be with the Lord.

Until then, there's time management. There's avoiding my breads of idleness. There's prioritizing.

 I have this cute little poster on the wall. Its a daily schedule for each family member to follow Monday through Saturday. In six months we've achieved this twice. Thats 2 out of 180. Those aren't great odd.

When that bugs me, I hear Michelle Duggar's voice in my head saying ''at least we have a goal!''

That's the point. A goal. Not perfection.

What does our goal look like?

-Wake up, dressed and ready, family bible and prayer time
-Breakfast, clean up, morning stewardship (otherwise know as chores)
-School or errands
-Lunch, bible reading, clean up and afternoon stewardship... this is when nappers get laid down
-Free play for kids (or more school for those who want to) while I do business stuff or work on mending and sewing
-Dinner, family devotionals, clean up, baths and evening stewardship
-Bedtime for the munchkins and I catch up anything I need to, do my bible study and work on custom orders

And sometimes we toss the whole thing to visit those we love or because I've had extra work that requires us to be outside the house for an entire day.

Decide what your priorities and goals are and build your day around those, but always be flexible!!!!

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