Saturday, May 17, 2014

An Increase

I've been a very good girl lately.

I've been looking and looking at animals... but I haven't bought any in MONTHS!

In fact, I've sold several over those months!

This is big for me.

But today... I bought.

I bought exactly what I've been looking for... a pair of buff ducks!


They're so perfect!

That leaves only a few more duck hens and I'm done buying animals.

I haven't done a critter count in awhile because it just doesn't change as often lately. So where are we at now with our critters?

4 goats. 1 buck and 4 does.

10 chickens. All hens.

6 ducks. 3 drakes and 3 hens. Which is a problem... so hopefully the Cayuga and Swedish Black drakes sell soon!

Grand total of 20... which is nothing compared to the 50-60 the rabbits kept us at!

I'm hoping to get some Ancona ducklings this week and be done with critter collecting.

We'll be left with only multiplication and not addition.

One of our goats, Butterscotch, is due to kid in the next month. Trixie is due in September and I just finished drying up Pepper Rose and put her in the breeding pen.

We have a broody hen and we got some fertile duck eggs under her, but something got the eggs. But we'll try again, because she's still trying to sit a nest with nothing in it!

Now to get the garden going and I'll be one happy little farmer girl.

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