Friday, February 28, 2014

2014 goals... take 3!

I'm really not proud of how last month ended... so I'm going to buckle down and hopefully no one gets the stomach flu (or anything else!) this month so I can accomplish what I'm setting out to do.

That would this stuff down here...

1. Read the bible and 4 other books
I want to stay on track with my bible reading plan, finish the book and devotional I'm reading and start a new devotional.

2. Take a meal to one family/person a week
I've got 3 out of 4 people picked already, so I just need to pick another family and get them done! No excuses!

3. Get off TANF
This month I'll be continuing the job search, set a higher income goal and I'll be scrutinizing my budget to find a few more areas to cut. If I can't make more, I'll have to spend less.

4. Grow or produce most of our food: grocery goal budget is $200 or less
This month's grocery budget is: $300
Also need to build a stanchion to milk the goats, build 2 of my raised beds out back, start at least 2 more indoor edible/medicinal plants and try my hand at putting together a cold frame and getting some garlic and onions in the ground.

5. Get involved in another ministry at church
I just need to step up and volunteer for some stuff. I'll admit, I get afraid to try because I have to bring the kids along, and I don't think I am really any help to anyone when my attention is divided.

6. Work on house: paint interior, replace carpet, upgrade some insulation
This month's to do list:
~paint living room
~touch up laundry room
~paint boys room
~install outlet/switch insulators
~pull up boys bedroom carpet and made the vinyl presentable

7. Build up stock for craft fairs: completely 10 projects a month, not including orders
Projects to complete: 1 blanket, 3 plarn bags, 6 dishcloths, 2 hats

8. Eat better: more organic, no soy, mostly GF, less sugar
I want to try one new recipe a week and I'm meal planning around what's in the pantry and fridge to use up some things.

9. Stop smoking
I'm going to push myself hard and I'm done smoking. No more. Not one.

10. Expand animals and their housing: 3 ducklings, 1 goat pen
Rabbit cages will get done and 8 ducklings will be added this month, hopefully those 8 ducklings result in at least 3 hens and not all drakes!

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