Monday, March 10, 2014

March summary

I aimed really high this month... and then I forgot to stay focused on the specific goals for this month. So, while this looks like I did almost nothing, I did accomplish projects just none of the ones I had planned on doing. I may need to work on that area of self control!

1. Read the bible and 4 other books
I'm staying on track with my bible reading plan, finished the devotional and book I was reading and started a new devotional.

2. Take a meal to one family/person a week
I accomplished 4/4 this month.

3. Get off TANF
I have continued to find small ways to cut my spending, none are big money savers but each one helps. I lost one of my smallest baby sitting jobs, but have managed to still reach my income goal.

4. Grow or produce most of our food: grocery goal budget is $200 or less
I went over budget buy $2.19 but I can live with that.

I have garlic in the ground and raised beds laid out, but not much got finished.

5. Get involved in another ministry at church
I signed up for the church work day and figure I'll be as much help as I can be with 6 kids in tow and I reached out with an offer to help one of the few women I know who are just as exhausted (if not more so!) as I am.

6. Work on house: paint interior, replace carpet, upgrade some insulation

This month's to do list:
~paint living room
~touch up laundry room
~paint boys room
~install outlet/switch insulators
~pull up boys bedroom carpet and made the vinyl presentable

Things I actually got done:
Worked on getting rid of mice
Nothing else

7. Build up stock for craft fairs: completely 10 projects a month, not including orders
Completed: nothing
Projects to complete: 1 blanket, 3 plarn bags, 6 dishcloths, 2 hats

8. Eat better: more organic, no soy, mostly GF, less sugar
Tried a new pancake recipe, it was awful! The black bean and rice enchiladas were a success though! And the pumpkin cake was a big hit! I'm getting the stock pile worked through and slowly ridding us of the things I'd rather we not consume, but I didn't always stick to the meal plan.

9. Stop smoking
I smoked on 9 days in March... longest smoke free streak 11 days and counting!

10. Expand animals and their housing: 3 ducklings, 1 goat pen
Rabbit cages are finished, barn rearranged and old cages moved out.

I bought ducklings and there was a disaster that ended in me almost killing my cat. So I'll have to start over there.

The idea of raising broiler chickens as come up and I'll be contemplating that and maybe adding those to the list.

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