Friday, March 14, 2014

Let it go

Let's not talk about how that title completely reveals my love for the movie Frozen. Let's not even talk about the movie... let's just talk about letting go.

The Christian life as so many choose to see it is a life of adding and multiplication. Add Jesus and you'll get everything good and wonderful on earth multiplied unto you.

The problem is the Christian life isn't about earth.

Yes, we need to use the time we have hear to reach out and save as many souls and heal as many hurts as we can.

But this life. This flesh. This stuff... it's all fleeting.

The truth is on earth The Christian life, when lived as Jesus calls us to, is one of subtraction and division.
Subtract the sin, subtract anything that divides you from God, divide the resources to help those in need.

Then one day in heaven all the good and wonderful things will be multiplied unto you.

Because heaven is what it's all about. Living for eternity, not living for now.

I'm in a place now where God is calling me to remove something from my life. It's not an inherently bad thing. It's part of many lives without problem. But for me, it's become a stumbling block that I never saw coming.

I don't care what it is; if it comes between you and God, if it takes some of the glory due Him, if it deters you from doing good works... it needs to go.

It can be certain people, television, coffee, a hobby, a goal, a place you go... they're not bad, but the take a place in our hearts and focus that belongs to the Lord. For that alone they need purged.

Join me in prayer that the Lord purge each of our lives of all things that don't bring him honor and glory.

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