Thursday, February 13, 2014

Never Forget

Forgetting happens.

I've forgotten where I placed something.

Forgotten the date.

Forgotten groceries in the van.

Even forgotten which name I bestowed on which child.

Forgetting happens.

But we should never forget the testimony of what the Lord has done in our lives. We should never forget to give Him the glory every time, all the time and as often as possible.

I was reminded today that I often lose sight if what He's done and only see how far I have to go. My faults and short comings are readily apparent to me, but remembering where I was hurts. It requires remembering things I'd rather forget.

But God didn't bring me through so much so that I can hide away what used to be and pretend my life has always been puppies and rainbows. He brought me through some of the worst times in my life so I could share the wonder and awe and magnitude of His power and glory and mercy with others.

Four and a half years ago God took a selfish, lazy, suicidal, alcoholic, drug addicted sinner who had very little in the way of morals and showed her how broken she was. He showed me just how much I needed help, the kind of life changing help only He can provide!

Two years later when my husband walked out, my life was in shambles. I was pregnant with number 6, homeless, jobless, scared and broken. In these last 2 years God has provided so many things to me that felt so far out of reach. A home that I'm buying, a van that's paid off, means to reach toward self sufficiency, comfort and completeness in the trust of His word and plans for my life. Things I couldn't have gotten on my own.

If God can take my life, in its supreme brokenness and lift me up to where I've come, how can anyone doubt His power and goodness?

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