Sunday, March 10, 2013

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Those closest to me know that I desire to live on a self sustaining homestead. While our current home allows us to take some of the steps in that direction, it won't allow us complete self sufficiency.
One homesteading skill we are mastering while here is limiting, and hopefully eliminating waste. The less trash we have the less we have to find a way to dispose of it and the better it is for the environment. What do we do?
Photo: Rubber boot planter $5
Currently have 2 available with sage starts in them 
No one time use items (diapers, paper plates, napkins, trash bags)
Rechargeable batteries (about 75% of them)
Cloth shopping bags (about 50% of what we need)
Buy more whole foods with less packaging
All paper/cardboard is shredded to line cages
Feed animals kitchen scraps
Compost animal waste, egg crates, dirty hay (we even have a worm bin!)
Compost used for potting and fertilizing
Crochet plastic bags in to garden knee mats and reusable shopping bags
Milk jugs are filled with laundry detergent I sell
All strings, rubber bands, paper clips, etc. are saved for reuse
Plastic produce containers are washed and saved to share home grown produce
Most plastic containers turn into seedling containers
Juice jugs become watering cans
Our rabbits eat out of old crockpot insert and sleep in a large dog crate
My potting table is made from an old door
An extra dresser became animal feed and supply storage
Old kids boots become planters
Turn as much as possible into craft projects
most metals
all glass that hasn't been repurposed or reused
some plastics I haven't found a way to repurpose
We currently fill our trash can about once per week. For a family of 7 that's not to bad. My current goal is only produce one bag every 2 weeks, ultimately no trash. Our recycling is at one paper sack a week, I'd also like to cut that in half.
Not only is practicing the 3 Rs good for the environment and homesteading plans, it's also good on the pocketbook. I've filled many needs and wants with repurposed items so I didn't have to spend money on something. Also, with less trash out put, a smaller trash can is needed which saves money EVERY MONTH!

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