Thursday, March 21, 2013

Critter Count

We all know that rabbits multiply like... well, rabbits!

What I didn't realize was, part of that multiplying is because rabbits are addictive! There are so many breeds and colors and sizes. They're fun and facinating... and they have large litters quickly.

Last night I went to bed with 11 rabbits...
Tonight I'll go bed with 21 rabbits...
And we have 6 litters due in the next 6 weeks!

The majority of the influx today was...
Eve's first litter!
She had 9 sweet little kits, but only 8 survived.
The kids are thrilled and have told every single person they've seen today that "Eve had 9 babies!"
They want to keep one from this litter. We'll see how many rabbits we have when that time comes... something tells me that there will be something new and exciting at that point to distract them from the idea of keeping one of these babies.

The other 2 rabbits we gained today were free off Craigslist. One will make good breeding stock and one will be sold or sent to freezer camp.

Our current critter count:
21 rabbits
20 chickens
1 cat

1 guinea pig

Grand total....... 43 critters

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