Friday, March 8, 2013

Cleaning recipes!

I am a recipe collector... so here are my favorite go to recipes for cleaning!
Laundry soap
Grate a bar of Fels-Naptha. Fill a small sauce pan 1/2 full of hot water, add grated soap. Heat over med-high heat until the soap is completely melted. Stir frequently so it doesn't bubble over!
Fill a large bucket half way with hot water, as hot as you can get from the tap. Tub needs to be 5 gallon minimum, mine is a bit bigger since I repurposed a kitty litter tub. Stir in half to one cup each of Borax and Washing Soda. Mix well.
Once soap is melted, add it to the mixture in the bucket. Stir well. Top of bucket with water, leaving room to stir.

OPTIONAL: add a few drops of tea tree oil.
Stir until your arm hurts... well, that's how I decide when to stop anyway. Then let it set overnight in warmish room.
TA DA, you made laundry soap. By the third time you make it you'll be able to do it while multitasking with your eyes closed.
Clog and stain remover
Dump half to one cup baking soda down drain or sprinkle on stain. Douse with vinegar, I don't measure. Let it set for 20 minuets. Plung drains, wipe/rinse stains on hard surfaces, suck up with a carpet shampooer on carpet.
All-purpose cleaner
Place all your lemon and orange peels in a large clean pickle jar. Fill about half way with vinegar. Fill remainder with water. Let sit for at least a day.


  1. Ok... my laundry soap is sitting overnight... fingers crossed... random thought though. .. how much do I use? :-)

    1. I use about 1/2 a cup per load normally, but I don't really measure I just scoop and go! More if I feel the urge, like during a stomach bug...