Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Focused or Frazzled

This is something I struggle with. This is something that I can trace to the core of every bad day. This is something that is smack in my face today.
We have two choices everyday.
Focus on the One who matters
Get frazzled bouncing off everything else.
We can focus on the Lord and the path He's placed us on. Focus on growing in the rolls we've been blessed with. Focus on doing EVERYTHING for His glory. Focus on growing in faith. With this focus comes contentment as the Lord speaks to our heart during prayer, not only to give us strength but to calm our fears.
Losing focus can happen slowly, or it can happen quickly. It can happen to someone new in their walk with the Lord or someone who's counting decades of faith instead of years.
We start bouncing to furthering our careers, strengthening our friendships, perfecting our homes, toning our bodies or completing whatever that next task is. Each of these things in and of them self is not bad. In fact, they're neither good nor evil. They are opportunities to shine the Lord's light or let the world suck you in.
If you get so set on that next goal and you lose that focus on the Lord, the results can range from from worldly profit(devoid of eternal gain) to general stress to something catastrophic.
Let us all take a moment as Easter is approaching to refocus our hearts and minds on Him!

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