Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Homestead Dream

A few years ago the idea of a homestead sounded like some cute far off dream... I was after all, living in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment with management that refused to allow planting anything consumable "for health reasons." Looking back, it was probably a good health move not to eat anything grown on that property and to move!
After many rollercoaster ups and downs, I've come to realize how vitally important a homestead can be! Even when income gets low, there would still be food, medicinal herbs and probably some extra to barter or sell. Of course, even backyard homesteading wouldn't pan out in the apartment I moved into after my husband left... I tried... I got a dozen TINY potatoes and 1 bell pepper the size of a plum! Everything else flopped.
Yet another reason to enjoy our new house. Not only do we have a house that will save us money each month compared to horrid little apartment we were in. We now have a backyard and a front yard, both of which are rather large!
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Now my dreams can become realities. I can plant, harvest, can and preserve to my hearts content and sell some for profit!
The wheels are already turning as I think about and plan out my goals for the homestead start up this year.
I hope to accomplish:
Planting 2 apple trees, 2 blue berry bushes and at least one raspberry vine (there's already wild blackberries out back)
Herb pots on the front porch
Begin a medicinal herb patch
Plant a wide varriety of produce to consume fresh, sell and preserve
I'm also going to talk to my landlord (since sadly we're still renting) about rabbits and chickens. Both are allowed inside the city limits, I just need her approval. I'd like to have 3 or 4 chickens just for eggs and 2 rabbits to breed and sell, possibly get the oldest girls into 4H.
Other things I plan to look in to this year are city bylaws reguarding dwarf goats, ideas for utilizing the creek out back, and learning how to save seeds from heirloom produce.
I hope everyone enjoys following us as we embark on a much anticipated journy to becoming backyard homesteaders!

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