Saturday, February 16, 2013

Modest Means...

I know for some this issue can get rather heated so I will say this: I do not claim to have all the answers on any topic. I read my bible, pray and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. Somethings are clearly stated in the bible, some are a matter of conviction.
Modesty matters.
You think God doesn't have an opinion about what you wear? It took Him an entire book to convey His opinions on things that matter to Him. He's your heavenly father. FATHER. Father's care what their sons and daughters wear!
Modesty should matter to our brothers and sisters in Christ too. If for no other reason than it matters to Christ himself!
It's about respecting yourself, those around you and the Lord.
Self respect. If you dress in a "sexy" exposed manner, that's what you've lowered yourself too. You've advertised a cute package, but since it's all out on display how much attention is being paid to what matters? When you see a woman in a mini skirt do you want to know about the latest book she read? Does a shirt-less man make you curious if he's funny or kind? Rarely, they sell themselves short by showing off the surface so no one has to dig deeper getting to know them to find something appealing.
Respecting others. We are brothers and sisters in Christ. We are to lift each other up and help each other along our walk with the Lord, as well as serve as an example to the secular world of Christ and the church. If the church was full of plunging necklines and mini skirts, that's a lot of temptation to sin! That's setting up your brothers in Christ to think lustful thoughts! Many will argue that women shouldn't to cover up because men can't control themselves, consider it this way: if you know someone has an issue, say alcoholism, do you place a bottle of liquor in front of them, pour a shot, talk about how great it is and expect them to resist the desire? NO! You don't have alcohol around them, you help them stay away from it because you want to lead them AWAY from temptation not to it! The same is true for how we dress. You never know if someone you pass on the street has issues with being faithful to their spouse, pornography, lust or anything else. Seeing a woman dressed provocatively or a man baring him flesh many be enough to plant the seeds of sin in someones heart. Why would we do that to each other? We should do all we can to build each other up and help limit temptations that may cause others to stumble.
Respect for the Lord. He tells us to lift each other up and not lead each other to temptation. He tells us that a woman is created to her husband and a man for his wife, by showing off what God created to be shared with your spouse, you're telling Him you know better.
What modesty means for us... this is that conviction part, where I claim no definitive answer, I just follow the leading of the Holy Spirit for my family!
The definition of modesty has evolved in our house. It started out meaning you didn't run around naked as a the day you were born and continued to carry on my objection of risque toddler apparel.
Slowly this has changed, most dramatically in the last year.
We don't always meet our own definition because finances are tight and sometimes our wardrobes aren't as full as we'd like, but what we strive for is....
*no offensive logos, sayings, pictures, messages. This is a matter of opinion on my part what is "offensive".
*no sleeveless tops
*bottoms cover to below knees
*can not see down top, even when bent over
*girls/women wear skirts, never pants
*polo shirts prefered for boys
Those are the standards we strive for. They may not look like the person next to us at church or on the street, but that's where the Lord has led us. My hope is that in sharing this that you will listen to where the Holy Spirit is leading you in this matter.
Homestead update: We got 6 chicks today! 3 Aracauanas and 3 Rhode Island Reds. Today was also the first attempt at mating Adam and Eve (rabbits), so we may have cute little  bunnies on the way! I also found 2 Nigerian Dawrf goat does that I am 99% sure will be coming home with me in 4-6 weeks.

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