Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weekly Goals~ July 7th 2014

It's been a fairly productive week around here! Hopefully soon I'll be able to add more blog work back in.

~Earn $300... and more!

~enlarge chicken run... didn't get finished, but I did get started and get a different water set up that freed up some space

~either sell or slaughter roosters... I have some possible interest, I'm waiting on a firm answer before I butcher

~continue to try to catch or kill the wild rabbit... continued to try, but she's still winning

~determine what materials I need for milk stand... I have most of what I need, now to find the time to build it!

~$50 max... $49.62

~meal plan from pantry... accomplished easily

~finish afghan... done

~reusable produce bags... done

~ cut purse pieces... done

~Bible, follow plan... on track
~Clean House finish... finished
~Sheparding a Child's Heart, finish... finished


~Make business cards... I'm slacking
~Contact local Saturday market... did I mention I'm slacking

~Accomplish at least 2 hours of school per day... mostly

~ start looking for more curriculum... looked and realized it's just not in the budget


~rest of carpet up... nope

~haul, rake and level the (free) gravel for shed area... hauled several loads and raked them, but didn't get it finished

~rip out peas... done

~plant something else in their place... went with sunflowers, they'll be beautiful and then we'll save the seeds to help offset critter feed

~deliver one meal... done

~house & pet sit for family that is out of town... and I enjoyed their Netflix too

~make an updated project list... that was scary

~make a detailed list of potential changes and the likely savings... that was enlightening and slightly depressing

~baby hat to match Afghan
~turned scrap yarn into pot holder
~finished over half of a gift for my mother

I need to work on managing all my tasks I need to get to run our life and be able to expand my business. for this week.....

~Earn $300
~set up online bill pay for water bill

~finish enlarging chicken run
~either sell or slaughter roosters
~continue to try to catch or kill the wild rabbit

~$50 budget
~meal plan from pantry

~finish 5 pot holders
~embroider butterfly on purse

~Bible, follow plan
~start reading Pay Dirt

~Make business cards

~Accomplish at least 2 hours of school per day

~rest of carpet up
~haul, rake and level the (free) gravel for shed area
~move shed
~finish floor in girls room

~make a plan for a fall garden
~determined what edibles I can grow indoors and in the greenhouse for the winter

~deliver one meal
~go through all the garage sale leftovers and get them posted online
~figure out the rest of the Christmas gifts for family and friends

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