Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekly goal ~ June 30th 2014

Okay, so I dissapeared for a week. It has been a crazy couple of weeks because, well, our life is crazy, last week was vacation bible school and my children decided it was a great time to pass around a stomach bug.

A quick summary...
~ I've met my $300 a week goal both weeks
~ I found a less expensive source of chicken feed
~ I've spent $15 on groceries in two weeks
~ my oldest daughter created a pantry and freezer inventory to help with meal planning
~ I found the perfect nightgown pattern and a possible dress pattern
~ the Afghan is almost done
~ bible reading is on track and I've made progress in both books I'm reading
~ I got a few more items stocked on etsy
~ clothesline is up
~ carpet is up in the girls room
~ had a meeting with pastor
~ talked to insurance and got my bill lowered $10 a month
~ had a moderately successful garage sale

So, now to move forward with another week and some fresh goals!

~Earn $300
~enlarge chicken run
~either sell or slaughter roosters... we ended up with 2!
~continue to try to catch or kill the wild rabbit
~determine what materials I need for milk stand

~$50 max
~meal plan from pantry

~finish afghan
~reusable produce bags
~ cut purse pieces

~Bible, follow plan
~Clean House finish
~Sheparding a Child's Heart, finish

~Make business cards
~Contact local Saturday market

~Accomplish at least 2 hours of school per day
~ start looking for more curriculum

~rest of carpet up
~haul, rake and level the (free) gravel for shed area

~rip out peas
~plant something else in their place

~deliver one meal
~house & pet sit for family that is out of town
~make an updated project list
~make a detailed list of potential changes and the likely savings

That should be enough to make me fall over dead tired each night!

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