Thursday, December 4, 2014

I'm back! With a year end update and a promise

Okay, I've neglected my poor blog again. Not happening again. I'm working on a plan for 3 posts a week. Tuesday will be a scripture study and life application post. Thursday and Saturday posts will be a mix of homeschooling, frugal, parenting, garden, canning and critter posts.

So how have I done on those goals I set at the beginning of the year you ask???

1. Read the bible and 4 other books
I'm still on track with my bible reading and have read 9 other books this year.

2. Take a meal to one family/person a week
This one got neglected. Around June finances got tight and gas became a precious commodity. We've managed about once a month since then.

3. Get off TANF
Last TANF payment was in August. Things are tighter than I'd like, but we're managing.

4. Grow or produce most of our food: grocery goal budget is $200 or less
I've managed to keep my grocery budget at a $225 average for the last 6 months.  Mostly due to changes in shopping habits, the garden wasn't very fruitful this year.

5. Get involved in another ministry at church
I have not taken on a specific ministry in the church. With illnesses and the chaos of my schedule, it's not practical. I have however continued to step in to help where I can as often as possible.

6. Work on house: paint interior, replace carpet, upgrade some insulation
The carpet and paint are done in every room but my own. The insulation went untouched, but we did install a wood stove to improve the heating efficiency and lower the cost. So far, I have spent $0 to heat the house this fall!

7. Build up stock for craft fairs: complete 10 projects a month, not including orders
I've hardly been able to keep up with orders and things we need, but I have managed a small amount of stock items.

8. Eat better: more organic, no soy, mostly GF, less sugar
We've gotten rid of the soy and really cut back on sugar. We're about 50% organic and everyone eats less gluten. At least 3x a week our meals are gluten free.

9. Stop smoking
Still a lingering bad habit. I'm doing better and still making a conscious effort to cut back.

10. Expand animals and their housing
Due to some unforeseen events, I was forced to sell the goats. We now have 7 ducks (1 Drake and 6 hens) and 8 chicken hens. 

Other than the smoking, I'm pleased with the progress I made this year and can not wait to see what the coming year holds!

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