Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Oh the changes!

I promise one of these days I'll get better about updating this blog.

There have been a lot of changes and yet nothing has changed. We're still us, with the same goals, ideals, values, morals and struggles. So here we go....

The switch to GF has been a challenge to my budget. I'm figuring it out slowly, but it took my $450 average grocery bill up to about $575. After this months big shop, my total is already at $540. I have $20 set aside for food the rest of this month. Good thing the pantry is full! Next months goal is an even $500 for the month.

I made the choice to pull Dakota out of school. His weak immune system and horrible asthma combined, he was never going to make the attendence requirements. He handled it well and we got to keep his curriculum, so hopefully next week we will be back to homeschooling. I am incredibly excited to be homeschooling at least one munchkin!

The homestead has been busy! Bought a goat buck and got both does bred! Come March we will have sweet little kids and fresh milk! We're breeding holland lops again. Our meat rabbit herd got a new sure and has welcomed numerous litters. Even the garden was still trying, Octobet yeilded 4 yams and 2 zuchinni! Biggest change is the welcoming of 4 ducks and the farewell we will say to 28 chickens today! I'll explain in another post why that change is happening.

Finances have not recovered from me getting sick, but they are in the.process. The budget still looks scary and putting it on paper still makes me sick to my stomach, but each month is a little better. Hopefully I'll be able to add another weekly cleaning job before the end of the year.

My hope is to update here weekly. Maybe if I start with once a week I can get back in the habbit of blogging!

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