Sunday, September 29, 2013

Back to blogging!

I have so missed my blog and writing.

Things have been busy and sort of crazy around here lately. But when aren't they anymore?

What brand of crazy have we been up to this time?

School. Which has been a harder adjustment than I expected and the financial aspect is becoming a heavy burden. I'm counting down to resuming homeschooling next year.

The munchkins:
A- Loves school. A bad day is one without homework, but she says the works too easy.
B- hasn't been getting enough sleep. In turn behavior issues are more frequent and more intense.
C- has been gluten free for 2 months, the improvement in her skin, GI issues and energy levels is amazing.
D- he's been having a lot of breathing problems, colds, possible allergy flares. His immune system is stressed.
E- quite the little lady! She amazes me daily with her ability to go from sweet as pie to evil Lucy in a snap!
F- walking, climbing, talking, stubborn little peanut! His size is slowly catching up with his attitude.

Rabbits. Are doing well. I've lost track of how many kits I've sold at this point. My mother found a fiber glass greenhouse on craigslist that we use as a bunny barn.

Goats. The girls are doing well. One of them delivered a stillborn kid and unfortunately I think that will be it for kids this year. However, in just a few days, I'm picking up a beautiful buck.

Chickens. These girls are funny, but not smart. However they have been hiding their eggs! So their free ranging days are coming to end once I finish building a chicken run.

Garden. Currently nothing. Soon I'll have 2 potato towers going in the bunny barn.

Canning. I have been canning like crazy! Spaghetti sauce, applesauce, apple butter, jams, pumpkin and anything else I can get my hands on are quickly filling the pantry. I've also made lots of apple chips and froze some corn and 35 quart bags of broccoli florets gleaned from a local farmer.

Work. I lost 3 jobs when I got sick. I've found 2 new jobs, but combined they still pay less than the lowest paying one I lost.

Things have been busy, crazy and blessed by His grace and mercy.

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