Friday, November 8, 2013

Poultry swap

I mentioned in my last post that we added 4 ducks and were selling most of the chickens. For good reason...

My little homestead is in town. It's a small town that has a lot of rules allowing small livestock. I also have more flexability because of the specific zoning of my property.

One restriction that was limiting me was a ban on roosters. My hens were never going to hatch chicks. I would always be buying chicks.

However, a drake is allowed. My duck hens can hatch cute little ducklings whenever I let them. Those ducklings can grow into new layers for us, a replacement drake as needed, a yummy dinner or be sold for profit (or to at least make up for the cost of feed.)

Since my goal is be as cost efficient as possible and have as many income streams as possible, the switch seemed like the most logical step to take for us.

Whenever you see a limit or block in your path, brainstorm and find a way to overcome the obstical. It may not be what you thought you'd do, but don't get caught up in the details and keep your eyes on your goal!

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