Monday, February 16, 2015

Stitching away

I have randomly been able to make time to sew.

I've mostly kept up with what needs done.

But all my girls have had growth spurts and I've been cracking down on what I allow. As a result much sewing needs done and soon!

I'm still hunting for a good and affordable women's pattern that meets my requirements. I'm incredibly close combining and altering several patterns to find the perfect one for me.

For my girls, Simplicity Vintage sewing pattern 8279. But they've now out grown it.

Now, I'll be switching too Simplicity Kids 7422, New Look Easy 6850 and See & Sew 4450.

As always I will lengthen hem lines as needed.

I can not wait to share some of the wonderful things to come as I complete them.

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