Thursday, June 6, 2013

Job Loss, Budget and Meal Plan

Last month I lost my baby sitting job.

That means the budget must be trimmed... But exactly what do I trim at this point!?

Internet took the hit. So this is my first blog post from my phone, which is a lot easier than expected!

Today was the first grocery trip for the month. I got everything to fill in this weeks meal plan and a few extra things we'll need later in the month because they're on sale now. The grand total came to: $99.20! I wanted to keep under $100 and I did it! (Special thanks to lady who bought a giant chinchilla rabbit named Lucy from me... Saw her at the store and she gave me a coupon for $10 off if you spent more than $50, kept me under budget!) I have $300.80 left for the month to keep to my $400 budget.

This weeks dinners include: spaghetti, twice baked potatoes, chicken Alfredo, crockpot chicken, curry and rice, BBQ chicken and a "left over night".

Nothing fancy and lots of potatoes for sides... Oven fried is our favorite, but mashed, scalloped, roasted and made into fries potatoes certainly make for a cheap an versital food!

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