Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jesus Loving

Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

That's us. We are bible believing, conviction following, obedient children of our heavenly Father. Why?

God sacrificed His son to forgive my sins.
Jesus Christ allowed himself to be crucified for my sins.
I didn't deserve to be saved from eternal suffering in hell.

But Christ still died for me.
and for my kids.
and for you.
For everyone.

Now, as a mom I think about this. I would do ANYTHING I could to protect my children from harm. Jesus suffered unimaginable pain and abuse even before His crucifixion and then died a slow and agonizing death on the cross. How much does God love us to stand aside and allow all of that to happen to His only child so that we may be saved? There are many people I love, people I love so much I hurt when they hurt. But if I had to make a choice between them and one of my children.... well... I would do anything to protect my children.

God's love for me is beyond my comprehension.

Out of respect for that sacrifice and love for a Father who would make a choice in my best interest even when it hurt Him so greatly, I obediently follow His word. We are called to do everything to bring glory to Him. The best way to bring Him glory is follow His word, listen when He speaks to your heart and try to live as much like Christ as possible.

We are all weak in our flesh. We will sin. We will fall short.
Our lives can still serve as a living sacrifice. A moving breathing example of Christ's love!

We're saved only by believing that the Christ died for our sins. God's grace grants us that.
No amount of good works will get you through those pearly gates.
But when I reach those gates, I want God to know that I took everything He gave me and used for His glory, spread His gosple not only with my words but my actions, and that gave my life to Him as a living sacrifice our of appreciation for what Christ did for me.

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